Life After Graduation- 4 things no one tells you

Confusion. Boredom. Rejections. Crossways. Frustration.

Graduation. You read it right. I wonder why we all just revolve our lives around this word. Just WHY?? I get it, lot of people are very ambitious or their families expect them to be ambitious about a certain profession. But do we realize, we as humans, evolve every minute, everydayyy, every year ! We (including me as well -_-) all are residing in a lush green meadow with daisies and poppies, wind blowing, carefree clouds, but guys let’s just zoooOmM in the scenario:

It all just ends the moment you step out of college/university. I just sometimes wish, when teachers were stuffing chemical reactions into our brain, or when legendary X and Y of algebra ruined our lives, someone held our hands to show the other side of world; how to cater our lives when we finish off studies. What if we realize “okay that’s not meant for me, I can’t just do it”

  • Frustration: don’t let this bug eat you out. The journey of self-discovery is pretty much rough and vague. Always tell yourself “this shall pass too”
  • Keep rolling: just find anything to do it ….anythingG ! Don’t be a couch potatoe. Yeah, start from small things. Assign yourself small tasks for daily and see how much you can do. Be it cleaning your room, doing a small sketch/painting, talking to old friends, refreshing any old hobby, don’t wait that you will be appointed as a CEO of a company directly.
  • Side effects of job hunting : urghh… I have faced this a lot lately. Job hunting actually leaves u at the end questioning “am I not capable?” that desperation is killing !
  • Find what you love: Always find where your interest resides, doing things that are not of your league, leads you to the neverland. I repeattt ALWAYS DO WHAT YOU LOVE ! this is such an essential thing needed for our brains to work properly.

Have you faced anyone of these ? let’s share and talk about it. Please comment below to share your experience .


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Saba says:

    Where were u when I was graduating;)
    Beautifully written piece ….


  2. nida A says:

    hey, thanks for the compliment 🙂


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